Search Tips

Search the Site
Click on INPUT iCenter logo to return to Home Page from any page. Use the buttons on the top banner or bottom banner to find key information.

Search Collection by Format from Home Page
Opportunity to search by format (or type of collection item) is presented on Home Page (upper left quadrant of page).  Formats offered are: Reports, Newsletters, Presentations, Vendor Information and Other.  If you click on any one of the five boxes, the default search provides title listing of all collection items of the format type selected and shows the number of items in the collection within that format type. It also shows the month and year published and region (with results counts for each).

Narrow Your Search / Clear Your Search Parameters
Check the boxes to narrow your search.  You may check the boxes adjacent to formats to select other formats, you may check the box for specific regions, you may select month published, you may use the sliding horizontal bar to select specific years or range of years. The screen will refresh and display only those items meeting your selection criteria.  To clear your search and default to ‘all’ format types, all regions, and all years, simply click on Clear Filters button.

Select Order of Search Results
Use sort by feature (presented to right of search results) to prioritize your review of the titles listed in search results. You may select A-Z by title, Z-A by title, newest to oldest (by publication date), or oldest to newest.  Please note we are now editing titles to make alphabetical order searches more relevant.

Search by Keyword
Use search bar (at top of each page) to search for specific information. Note – our system searches titles and then searches indexed keywords.  Narrow your search checking format, year and country boxes. Or, within the search bar, enter the company name + any other parameter (such as vendor information or service type – e.g. Tymshare + Remote Computing Services). Remember, you can always clear your search parameters using the Clear Filters button.

Search by Subject Area or Topic
Select Search by Subject Area or Topic on the search results page. A special search function allows you to view and select any or all INPUT Services (listed by subject/topic area) and view the years the service was offered; you may select a specific year or all years.  The search results page will allow you to narrow your search or clear all filters as described above.

About our search function – work is in process now to enhance our search capability. We are refining titles, indexing, and tagging to enhance search results for this large collection. Thank you for your patience!