About The Collection

Collection Content is IT Software and Services-Specific

The collection contains research and materials specific to IT Software and Services Industry markets. Please note that computer hardware, hardware components, and/or peripheral equipment were researched only as it related to IT software and services markets.

INPUT reports, vendor information, presentations, newsletters, and other operational materials are included.  From 1975-2000, thousands of materials were developed by INPUT and the majority were delivered in hard-copy to clients. Thus, all items have been digitized by the Internet Archive and other sources.

For ease of use and understanding, you may view and search service offerings to find both multiclient studies and subscription service reports (syndicated research), view the research methodology employed, view explanations of industry structure, and refer to definition of terms used during the 1975-2000 time frame.

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Building the collection was a lengthy process. See Digitization Process for more information.

About INPUT Services

Planning Services sold on an annual subscription service basis were the cornerstone of the INPUT product and service line. Many different planning / subscription services were offered.  This syndicated research services were comprised of reports, vendor information, presentations, and newsletters packaged to deliver key insight about a specific topic or market (e.g. Customer Service, Software Products, Company Analysis & Monitoring). Materials and services were delivered to the client throughout the service year.

  • Reports analyzed topics of interest and required approximately 3 months to develop.  Reports are the result of a rigorous research methodology.  Clients participated in selection of topics to be researched.
  • Vendor information was presented in reports, through vendor-centric subscription services, in presentations, and newsletters. INPUT conducted vendor research continuously each year of operation.  Research included both public and private companies.
  • Presentations were generated for many purposes; they were associated with report findings or annual meetings. Live presentations allowed INPUT professionals to share research findings and answer specific client questions.
  • Newsletters were generated monthly, quarterly, or on an as-needed basis.  The issuance of newsletters was the fastest delivery method available at the time to deliver mass-communication about fast-breaking industry news.

Market Coverage

IT Software and Services Studies address specific issues, competitive environments, and user expenditures relative to a variety of delivery mode markets.  Representative list of delivery modes includes: Processing Services, Turnkey Systems, Applications Software, Systems Software, Network Services, Professional Services, Systems Operations, Systems Integration. In summary, these reports analyze the services that IT Software and Services vendors sold to end-user organizations.

Industry-Specific (Vertical) Market Reports provide detailed analyses of market trends, forces driving the markets, problems, opportunities, and user expenditures for the following market sectors:  Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, Telecommunications, Retail Distribution, Wholesale Distribution, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Medical, Education, Business Services, Consumer Services, Federal Government, State and Local Government, and Miscellaneous Industries.  In summary, these reports identified the IT Software and Services that fulfilled specific applications unique to a specific end-user vertical industry sector.

Cross-Industry Market Reports include cross-industry application areas such as: Accounting Office Systems, Education and Training, Planning and Analysis, Engineering and Scientific, Human Resources, and Other cross-industry applications. In summary, these reports identified the IT Software and Services that fulfilled applications that were common to all end-user organizations in any industry sector.

See Industry Structure for more information.

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The INPUT iCenter welcomes relevant and appropriate contributions to our site.  If you or your firm wishes to contribute digitized information of historic value, please contact us through our Feedback page and provide: description of material, source of material, and why you believe it to be of historic value.  We will get back to you quickly via email.