Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I sample the service, prior to payment?
Yes. A one-week free trial is available upon registration (only name and email required – no credit card information requested). This trial period allows you to operate as a Member for seven (7) consecutive days. Membership sign-up and payment of nominal fee is required when the trial period ends.  Payments made via secure 2Checkout credit card system.  No credit card information is required until seven-day trial period ends. The next time you sign-in after your trial period ends, you will be asked to register.

Once I am authorized access as a Member, how long will my Membership last?
Due to the static nature of INPUT iCenter content and the natural processes of conducting research, it is likely that Members will require access to content for a limited period.  Therefore, our Membership period lasts for six months. After six months, your Membership will automatically expire. Upon expiration, you are welcome to reinstate your Membership. There is no automatic billing; there is no recurring charge billed to your credit card. Membership reinstatement is not limited.

What payment options are offered and what is level of security?
We make it easy for you to process all credit card types – even American Express™ and Discover™ from anywhere in the world using 2Checkout.  This leading payment service offers PCI Level 1 Compliance, the highest level of protection against fraud and data breaches, ensures all data is secure and goes beyond AVS and CVV checks.  Pay with confidence using 2Checkout.

Will the INPUT iCenter save my searches so I can access them in a subsequent session?
Yes. The INPUT iCenter saves your searches and results at the end of each session. The next time you log in, you may start again right where you left off!

Can I distribute or share video or text of “Oral History of Peter Cunningham”  developed by the Computer History Museum and presented on this site?
No. The Computer History Museum (CHM) is the owner and holder of all copyright interests of the “Oral History of Peter Cunningham”; users of this site wishing to distribute, share, or reproduce in any way this proprietary material must contact the Computer History Museum to request such permission.

Can I contribute relevant digitized research information to the INPUT iCenter?
Absolutely. The INPUT iCenter welcomes donation of leading edge research relevant to the IT Software and Services Industry. To submit documents for contribution send an email describing the relevant research materials and we will respond quickly.

Can I ‘quote’ information from the INPUT iCenter collection?
Yes, if you are a Member you can ‘quote’ INPUT text.  However, if you do ‘quote’ any content from the INPUT iCenter and include it in an article, book, or any other publication or digital media, we request that you accredit the INPUT iCenter in your bibliography in accordance with standard practices. Further, we request that you use the following bibliographic accreditation:  INPUT iCenter, [insert full report or article title], [insert year], [insert website address, e.g.].

What years and other materials does the INPUT iCenter cover?
The INPUT iCenter includes research-based reports, presentations, newsletters, vendor company information covering IT Software and Services industry markets from 1975 through the year 2000. The INPUT iCenter also houses a variety other business materials that may be of interest (e.g. internal company documents, marketing literature, business plans, research study back-up materials, and more).  See  About the Collection for more information.

I forgot my password, how can I reclaim it?
Simply click on the ‘forgot my password’ message on the sign in page and you will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.