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Oral History of Peter Cunningham
The Computer History Museum (CHM), located in California’s Silicon Valley, created and published the Oral History of Peter Cunningham in 2014.  Both video and text of this interview is provided for your reference only; you may not reproduce or distribute this video or text with the express written permission of the Computer History Museum.

Text Version of Oral History
Select this link to view the text version of the Peter Cunningham Oral History: Cunningham Interview 2014

View Video Version here in its entirety. Please use the table of contents (below) to guide you in finding sections of interest.

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Content of the Interview
The interview is 3 hours in length.  While the video is not indexed, you may use the Table of Contents outline below to help you find sections of interest.  It is organized in the following sequence:

  1. Family Background
  2. College
  3. Initial Positions Held: UK 1964-1967
  4. Programming Positions: US 1967-1974
  5. Starting INPUT: 1974-1980
  7. INPUT: 1980-2000 Client Stories
  8. INPUT: 1980-2000 Business Operations
  9. Refocusing INPUT
  10. Selling INPUT
  11. Life After INPUT
  12. Additional Materials: Notes for CHM Oral History
  13. Summary
  14. Detailed Career Description