How to Use the INPUT iCenter

View Search Tips to learn how to use all the search functions offered, how to refine and clear searches.

As a member, you can access all collection items.  The INPUT iCenter enables effective research and allows you to:

Navigate the site easily.  Click on INPUT iCenter logo to return to Home Page from any page. Use the buttons on the top banner or bottom banner to find key information.

Quote INPUT report findings, with proper accreditation. Please use the following bibliographic accreditation:  Source: INPUT iCenter, [insert full report or article title], published [insert year], [insert website address,]. Sample accreditation:  Source: INPUT iCenter, 1985 Information Services Industry Report, published 1985, www. INPUT 

Search for content by:  any keyword, formats or type of collection item (e.g. reports, presentations, newsletter, vendor information, other), publication month and/or year, country of origin or coverage (USA, Europe, France, Worldwide and more), and by topic or INPUT service name (e.g. Electronic Data Interchange, Company Analysis, Systems Integration, Customer Service, and many more).  Our system searches report titles and indexed PDF file content.

Sort search results by title or publication date.

Save your searches.  The system saves up to 25 searches. When you finish a session, you can come right back to where you left off!

View PDFs quickly using the view pdf button on your search results page.  When you search, report titles matching your search are presented. Below the title you will see a view pdf button.  Click on the button to open the document in a new tab.  When document opens you may use the toolbar to take such actions as download, print, zoom and more.  For PC users, use Cntl-F on your keyboard to find keywords and search inside documents (if your browser does not offer the find feature); for Mac users, use Command-F to access the find feature.

Copy, save, download, and print materials you find of interest.  Most reports in the collection are 100-400 pages in length.