Was your company an INPUT client?

Special Reports Available to Past INPUT Clients

Past clients who commissioned custom or proprietary studies from INPUT can access these legacy reports in our private collection. Perhaps your firm acquired companies that commissioned work from INPUT long ago.  If so, your firm would be given access to such reports!

Find Out if You Qualify!

To find out if you qualify, simply register with your current company email address.  Our system will recognize your company name, and send you an email confirming you and your firm as a legacy client.

Simply click on the link provided in the confirmation email and you will gain access to any proprietary studies that your firm (or its predecessors) commissioned. When you search our site, you will be able to view all records in our public collection, plus your proprietary studies.  However, you will not be able to view proprietary studies from other clients.

If you are registering using our 7-day free trial, you will need to become a member at nominal fee once the trial period ends.  Membership will extend your access for 180 days.